Common Threads

Picture of Common Threads
Celebrate a century of life and work in Gastonia and Gaston County with a journey through yesterday, today and tomorrow.
This truly extraordinary new book showcases the first decades of the twentieth century, a special period in the history of Gastonia and Gaston County. A model of the boundless energy and optimism of the era, Gastonia served as a perfect example of a New South town. Representing both the New South’s opportunities and challenges, Gastonia and other Gaston County towns created community amidst the whirlwind of history. With period photographs and lively writing, Sarah Park Rankin brings these early decades of the early twentieth century to life in a revealing portrait of bustling communities bursting with possibility. 

Rankin’s painstaking research and perceptive prose illuminate some of the interesting characters and vanished landscapes that have created the Gastonia and Gaston County of today. Drawing on the incredible collection of local archivist Allen Millican, as well as the archives of the Gaston Regional Chamber, Rankin also chose evocative photos which provide a unique window into yesterday and a new appreciation for today. They are a perfect touchstone for family discussion and contribute to a better understanding of what life was like “back in the day.” Flip through the pages with those of an earlier generation, and you will soon hear stories you have never heard before as they dig up memories long buried.

Accompanying the stories of  yesterday and today is a glimpse into how the region’s history is leading to an exciting and rich future.

Fitting companions to this tale of yesterday, today, and tomorrow are the compelling and inspiring stories of Gastonia and Gaston County businesses and organizations, stories of struggle and success from their early beginnings through today and their vision for tomorrow.

Common Threads: Gastonia and Gaston County Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is a book years in the making, designed to be read and enjoyed for years to come.